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"Obviously, in modern music, there is a hefty amount of genre-bending and blending, but something that can be even harder to pull off and much less clear-cut is vibe blending. On Richard Rourke’s new single “Can You Feel It?” he and his band have managed to create a duality between low-key jazz funk and chilled-out modern bedroom pop. The rhythm section sounds like it could be pulled out from an early Vulfpeck track with a simple tight drum beat and an infectious head-bobbing 16th heavy bass line. Rourke keeps his voice mellow and effortless throughout the track until the final vocal-focused refrain when he really flexes the soulful power it’s capable of. Hopefully, this is the first of many new tracks from Richard Rourke’s reimagined group." 

                                         - Glide Magazine

Can You Feel It Cover.jpg

Concert Footage

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